A Hydro Picnic Under the Stars

By transforming the ubiquitous hydroelectric tower into a site of social activity, this immersive installation aims to playfully re-contextualize our relationship to the mundane, functional infrastructures around us, while simultaneously acknowledging our innate human need to connect, consume and modify our surroundings.

Interactive Installation By Labspace Studio (Laura Mendes & John Loerchner)


I’m Only Human

I'm Only Human

We all make mistakes. But what does it mean to say “I’m Sorry”? This large-scale installation examines the loaded language of regret using 100 golden letter-shaped balloons and quotes collected from Rob Ford press conferences.

Entrance Installation By Labspace Studio (Laura Mendes & John Loerchner)


Renovation Nation

Since early summer we’ve been consumed (literally) by the renovations of our new live/work space in Cabbagetown. It feels liberating to finally own some brick & mortar in this city we’ve grown to love.


The Noise Project

The Noise Project brings together a loose network of artists, producers, designers, urban thinkers, young students, and the public, to examine the concept of “noise” from a citizen’s perspective.


Advice for the Living

Advice for the Living is a social experiment, public intervention and video art project created by John Loerchner & Laura Mendes, Co-Directors of Labspace Studio. The project explores the elusive and interrelated themes of wisdom, knowledge, and the ongoing search for happiness.


The Noise Project

What’s the Noise Project? ArtSyncTV host Mike Hansen talks in-depth with Labspace Studio Curator Laura Mendes about this messy, exploratory, active, urban interdisciplinary art project.

Watch their 15-minute interview here.

Places, Spaces and Distant Worlds

(Part of Capital One’s Corporate Art Program)

Artists: TIMEANDDESIRE, Jenna Faye PowellBen StansfieldIsaac Weber
Curated by: Labspace Studio


365 Things in 365 Days

Labspace Studio Co-Directors, John Loerchner & Laura Mendes, embark on a personal art project/challenge/experiment to do 365 new things in 365 days (like bake a pie from scratch, bungee jump, build a robot, fly a box-kite, churn butter, learn to knit, canoe down river rapids, and own an ant farm, to name a few).

If you’d like to view the entire project visit: 365 Things in 365 Days. This project ran from January 14 2012 – January 13 2013. It’s officially finished! Check out the wrap-up video below.


Confessions Underground

Part social experiment, part public intervention, Confessions Underground is a video based art project that gives willing participants the rare opportunity to record a private on-camera confession and broadcast it publicly over 300 of Toronto’s digital subway platform screens. Project by: Laura Mendes & John Loerchner, Co-Directors of Labspace. Commissioned by Pattison OneStop and Art 4 Commuters.

For full details check out the website: www.confessionsunderground.com/


Globe & Mail Review – Forget Twitter this tree talks

R.M. Vaughan of The Globe and Mail just reviewed our most recent curatorial project, A Piece of a City. He had some nice things to say…

Here’s the article